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Raising Positive Children is an ongoing series which began in 2018 for parents/guardians of school-age children, educators and youth advocates. These forums are hosted by Pembroke Pines Commissioner Iris A. Siple, West Campus Charter School Principal Michael Castellano, the Education Roundtable Forum and the City of Pembroke Pines to call attention to and find solutions for the many issues parents and children face today at home and at school. Raising Positive Children forums continued despite the pandemic, but were held virtually beginning in 2020. We invite you to view any of the nine forums presented to date via links below from the City’s YouTube Channel. And, we’ve included resources that also may help provide solutions. We look forward to presenting future forums in the Raising Positive Children series.

“Helping Your Child Cope with Stress in Today’s Challenging World” (March 12, 2018)

Guest Speaker: Dr. Scott Poland, Professor at the College of Psychology and Co-Director of the Suicide and Violence Prevention Office at Nova Southeastern University, helped those in attendance understand common factors in youth suicide, offered insight into how parents, schools and the community can help today’s youth, and increased overall awareness of the issues facing children on a daily basis.

“Growing Up in the Digital Age” (May 17, 2018)

Panel of Speakers: Students, Police, School Principal Michele Kefford, Dr. David Ruby share insights on the challenges of growing up in a world filled with technological advances that affect childrens’ lives. Included a free showing of “Screenagers.”

“Recognizing the Signs: Cyber Bullying, Suicide & Depression” (October 9, 2018)

Guest Speaker: Dr. Scott Poland discussed helping parents, school and community mental health and law enforcement personnel increase their understanding of the most common factors in youth suicide, dispel myths about suicide, and recognize the relationship between cyber bullying, cutting, bullying and suicide.

“Parenting on Purpose: Raising a Child Who is Most Likely to Succeed” (April 25, 2019)

Guest Speaker: Dr. Robert Barnes, author of books for families and CEO of Sheridan House Family Ministries, addresses giving children the power to say NO, sharing what a child needs before leaving home and explains how to have a good relationship between parent and child

“The Power of You(the): Reimagining our Community” (November 21, 2019) 

Guest Speaker: Enrique Feldman, Founder and Director of Learning for the Global Learning Foundation; special performance by drummer Willie Stewart and his Rhythms in Conversations; and skits, debates and other musical acts by students. This forum focused on family stress and feeling out of place in today’s society.

“A Night of Hope” (October 15, 2020)

Guest Speaker: Nathan Harmon, founder of Your Life Speaks and internationally renowned for helping youth discover a healthy outlook on life, helped with navigating various challenges especially during the global pandemic, and shared how to bring back human connections, build bridges, and cope with a series of issues affecting today’s youth such as depression, isolation, and suicide.

“Parenting in the Covid-19 Age: The Importance of Self Care” (March 10, 2021) Guest Speakers: Dr. Scott Poland and Dr. Elizabeth Hilsman, a licensed psychologist and an Adjunct Faculty Clinical Supervisor in the School-Related Psychological Assessments and Clinical Interventions (SPACI) clinic at Nova Southeastern University, discussed the many and new emotions arising from the pandemic, outlining the importance of self-care for adults and how to model coping skills for their children. They discussed the importance of parental presence in their children’s lives and in modeling optimism and hope for the future.

“Character is Everything” (May 17, 2021) 

Guest Speaker: Nathan Harmon, international speaker and founder of Your Life Speaks, addressed the importance of character and attitude, and how those qualities can lead to a successful life. Nathan’s powerful messages resonate with all ages

“Social Media and Its Impact on Youth Mental Health” (February 24, 2022) Guest Speakers: Dr. Steve Arcidiacono, Florida licensed psychologist currently treating children and families with behavioral and emotional concerns, and Dr. Laura Cruz, Director of the Student Assistance Program for the City of Pembroke Pines Charter Schools, will join with educators, police and students.

Helpful Resources:

United Way Prevention Resource Center


211 Broward

Dial 211 or 954-537-0211

Florida Initiative for Suicide Prevention (FISP)


Common Sense Media

Boys Town 24/7 National Hotline available to youth and parents: (800) 448-3000